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Alpha Relish promotions was formed in 1998 and ran for 9 years bringing bands like Blonde Redhead, Melt Banana, Nina Nastasia & ESG to Irish shores for the first time. Alpha Relish also released recordings by The Null Set, Daemien Frost, Montana Pete and Melt Banana between 1998 and 2001 and partnered up with Road Records in 1999 to form Road Relish, a small indie label which released 14 split double-A side 7"s over a period of 5 years featuring artists such as Glen Hansard, David Kitt and The Redneck Manifesto to name but a few.
The release of Daemien Frost's 2nd album and Giraffe Running's 1st & only - a global collaboration featuring members of Battles, Max Tundra and Melt Banana - prompted the morphing of 'Alpha Relish' into 'Learn To Love', perhaps also signalling a fundamental shift in the mind-set of the proprietor.
Learn To Love recently released Sfumato's début album "These things between...". Back catalogue and current releases can be bought though the Learn To Love store.


Email:  info <at> learntolove <dot> net